Association for Experiential Education (AEE) - Heartland
Student Summit

3rd Annual AEE Heartland Region

Student Summit

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The Heartland Region Student Summit is a 3-day student-centered professional development event for students interested in outdoor recreation and education.  

What is it?

A Professional Development Opportunity:

  • Attend student-presented workshops.
  • Enjoy guest speakers shedding light on the foundation of your field.
  • Engage with outdoor recreation and education agencies and organizations seeking interns, graduate students and employees.

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A unique networking experience: 

  •  Access to other like-minded students from across the midwest.
  • Campfire mentoring- hang out with some of the founational professionals in your field.
  • Live Music!
  • Great Food!

AEE International Presentation: Formation of the Heartland Region Student Summit

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